To Text, Tweet or FB? That is the Question
Discussion started by Craig Kessler , on 23 September 04:55 PM

Many people ask me what's the differnce between Mobile Media, Facebook and Twitter.  Advertising/Marketing can have MANY faces. In this case one does not negate the other 100%. With Twitter adding new ways to monetize your relationships or followers it will continue to grow and become more viable in a more general sense but does not replace Mobile Marketing. The two platforms can enhance one another and be used to stimulate revenues and gain market share in many ways.

Having said that here are a few of the distinct differences and advantages of Mobile Marketing versus Twitter:

- Guarantee of reaching consumers on their mobile phones. While some Twitter users receive updates on their mobile phones, there is no way to know exactly how many actually do.

- Greater audience size. Would a business advertise on only one radio station? One TV station? One billboard? Twitter sees more than 22 million unique visitors per month, whereas approximately 150 million Americans text message on a regular basis.

- Legitimate text-based contests, polls, and mobile coupon campaigns. There is no seamless way to do this on Twitter.

- Established guidelines as developed by the carriers and Mobile Marketing Association; with Twitter, there are "rules of thumb."

- Multiple-step campaigns that allow a business to generate warm, opted-in leads.

- Ease of integration with traditional advertising to effectively measure and compute ROI. Twitter cannot be combined with traditional advertising in a meaningful, effective manner, nor can it provide reports and charts.

- Twitter is not mobile marketing. Some Twitter users leverage their mobile devices, enabling tweets to be forwarded to their mobile devices as SMS. But many do not. And if they are receiving SMS text messages from Twitter it may be for select members only – primarily close friends. On the other side of the spectrum, a group of followers may be following one business’ tweets in addition to hundreds of other brands and marketers with all of the tweets stacking up in a web queue. And, that can be an issue because "eyes" are not focused on one specific business as with SMS/Mobile Marketing. If you use Twitter you will understand this. Hard to stand out in the crowd!

- Twitter is not database marketing and please do not let anyone argue that it is. Twitter followers do not represent a marketing database in any respect, not like the opt-in database of mobile phone numbers you can gain with savvy SMS marketing. Twitter followers are fans and perhaps loyalists, but they are not individually addressable in a scalable way. Marketers are unable to gather additional data points such as a location, product preference, or purchase history and layer these attributes to create more comprehensive follower profiles. Marketers cannot segment and target your tweets based on these attributes, as is possible with SMS marketing. Marketers cannot personalize in any scalable way. Marketers cannot insert dynamic text in a message, or have the user click thru to a personalized mobile web page with a targeted offer or generate a unique barcode for in-store redemption, or track an individual user’s preferences, activity, and behavior.

In a nut shell though...Mobile Marketing creates "calls to action" that are immediate, scalable, traceable and relevant as well as highly customizable and business centric. Twitter, while it can and does have its own benefits, cannot do this. My suggestion is to not see this question as an objection but a chance to educate that person and to get them to see how all of these social media technology platforms can work TOGETHER rather than against one another. Here is a great example of that:

Alaska Airlines used Twitter, mobile marketing, and traditional advertising in some effective integrated marketing campaigns. The airline recently used Twitter and Facebook to seed a campaign to give away tickets to Hawaii, then saw a spike in the mobile program when the call to action was mentioned on television. Synergy!

Hope this helps - don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!

Craig Kessler


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Steve Hodges
Well thought out Craig! I believe that with the many new ways to market you really have to keep on your toes! Thanks for the insight.
Sunday, 17 October 2010 06:33
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