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Discussion started by Steve Hodges , on 12 November 03:41 AM

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An IN-CALL-VOICE-NOTE-PAD for could be a great feature.
Sitting somewhere, maybe having sticky fingers from the food we eat, and during the talk the other side wants to communicate to us a phone number we need - but is on a public phone - or an address description.
Voice command could call up a voice-recorder for a window of maximum 60 secs, and close with voice command again.
It should be able to access and record from the ear-phone (our call partner) and microphone site.
The application, by listening to the password or awaiting a customized key command, would take a little from the processor, but would only operate and auto-start listening during call situation.
You'd never lose a way description or a friends mobile number with that, and be able to listen to it as many times as needed till the information / recording can be deleted. iVoice-Note
Friday, 19 November 2010 19:23
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