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Bliss times 48 naples daily news They held each other tight.The 22yearold private first class in his camouflage fatigues.The 20yearold medical student in a white sundress, her long blonde hair swaying gently in the breeze. She clutched a small bouquet of pink roses and baby's breath.They matched his boutonniere. The young newlyweds could have been alone.Instead, they were standing on a beach with 94 strangers who had just gotten married or renewed their wedding vows at the same time as the hennings. "I can't even describe it.I'm all smiles,"Said the new ashley henning a short time later. The couple had planned a courthouse wedding for valentine's day.They wanted to get married before nathan Formal Dresses henning leaves sunday to return to vilseck, germany, where he is stationed with his army infantry unit. "That's what i came back for to marry the love of my life,"He said just before dawn on wednesday. But when his mother, nancy travis, heard about the wink 96.9 Buck Wild Wedding Bash, they thought it was the perfect way to exchange their Valentine's Day vows. Wink 96.9 decided to host the Wedding Bash after a woman called the station during the Jeff and Liz in the Morning show, asking where she could get married on Valentine's Day. Erin samson, event planner for lovers key, called to say that the park is a frequent venue for weddings.The 96.9 show hosts had an idea:Why not have 48 couples or 96 people marry at the same time?Local vendors volunteered their services, providing flowers, hair and makeup, photographs and even a cake, and in a Plus Size Wedding Dresses few short weeks, the wedding bash was born. The 48 couples lined up on the beach at lovers key, facing the gently lapping water, as they recited their vows in front of officiant lesley marr of the wedding navigator. Ages ran the gamut, as did attire, from blue jeans and sandals to sundresses to floorlength gowns.Some had flower girls or maids of honor and best men.Some had family members cheering, and others came just the two of them. But Bridesmaid Dresses they were all the same in love. The wedding bash is something wink 96.9 plans to do every year, said Liz Ferron, cohost of Jeff and Liz in the Morning. "It's bigger and better than what we expected.We wanted everybody to feel like individuals, even though they were part of a group,"She said. "We can't wait until next year. " All the hennings needed was the first year, but they have big plans, too. The cape coral couple will have a larger ceremony in the future, with their family and friends.Ashley henning will join her new husband in germany in about five months, after she finishes her medical assistant training at lee county high tech center central. But it was enough to be married on wednesday.They shared a slice of cake covered in pink hearts that was made by amber's waves of grain for the 48 couples.They danced in the sand with the others to kelly clarkson's"A moment like this,"Played by disc jockey chris cowles. Then, nathan henning scooped his bride into his arms and waded into the gulf of mexico.The clear blue sky provided a backdrop as the couple played in the waves. A couple who had renewed their vows, lise and dennis lacasse of fort myers, gave the younger couple a trip to tampa they won during the wedding festivities that includes concert tickets and backstage passes to see christina aguillera. Another couple gave them the top to the wedding cake. After the wedding bash, the hennings planned to go to lunch with their families.Then, it could be naptime, said Cheap Party Dresses ashley henning. "I thought i would be a lot more nervous than i was, but it was fun,"She said, holding her new husband's hand. Nikole rodenhofer, 21, and christopher shane keith, 28, had also planned a courthouse wedding until they heard about the wedding bash.It was unconventional but sounded like fun, said rodenhofer before the ceremony. But that didn't stop her from donning traditional bridal attire, including a floorlength white satin gown that gleamed in the predawn light, a veil with embroidered flowers along the edges and a sparkling rhinestone tiara.She wore ballet flats, the white ribbons encircling her ankles. "You know, a lot of people get married on valentine's day, anyway,"Rodenhofer said. Patrick and amber loring of port charlotte had been slowly planning a big wedding since they became engaged in september. "Then,(The wedding bash)Came up, and it sounded like it was perfect,"Said the new amber loring after the ceremony. "It was special to share it with all of the other people, but it was cool to do it for ourselves,"She also said, standing on the beach in her white strapless bridal gown.